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Jul 31, 2012


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Dr. Mary Johnson

Speaking of using one's influence, since the N&R won't do it, and I'm not familiar with your family tree, answer me a question, Mr. Cone.

Are you related to Betty Cone? If so, how?

Because if you are, it sure explains a lot.

Ed Cone

Betty is married to my second cousin once removed (there is another Betty Cone, who is married to another one of my second cousins once removed, so while I'm assuming you refer to the one who lives here in GSO my answer works in either case).


that does explain a lot, ed. betty must have the patience of a saint.


Angry much, Dr. Donna Quixote?


I was afraid that Ed had lost his nonprofit status.


What does it explain? about what? and how?

I ask because I just know someone is going to splain' it anyway.


mojo ftw!


^^This. What Sean and Mojo said.


I was gonna say our legislators ought to be requiree to post online who they meet and for how long, but then I realized they'd just lie.

Therefore, I propose that legislators be fitted with GPS devices and be required to wear wireless webcams strapped aorund their foreheads. Microphones, too.


It was "explained" over at the story at the N&R - but "General Greensboro", excuse me, General Hired-Gun-of-the-Cones, deleted the comments. You should know, Mick, you were on that thread. I believe your excuse for our well-named Miss Betty was that great benevolence born of lots-of-spare-change buys her a pass on accountability to her donors/Uncle Sam.

"Saint" Betty clearly needs a book-keeper, Sean. And the IRS . . . which B. Hussein has designated to "oversee" medicine . . . clearly isn't remotely up to the task.

And why YES, Mojo, I'm pretty angry - about a number of things. As Mr. Ed would say, DEAL WITH IT.

There's always the blog.

Goodnight. Always a joy. Appreciate the answer to the question, Ed.


Help me out. What does it explain? I saw Abner's long lists but I am unable to connect the dots on what explains what and how and about whom or what or when or why or even if.

I didnt excuse anything.


What was it the IRS missed?

Wait...did someone say something about lobbyists?


Let's be more clear shall we? GG deleted 1 or 2 comments by Mr Vertical Prose for trying to skirt the rules (language I believe). However, I am compelled to note that the long lists o whatever are indeed posted w/o foul language, etc.

So what exactly is your complaint with GG Dr Mary Johnson?

Weak Doc... real weak.

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