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Jul 29, 2012


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My son has always been blessed with the ability to nap -- or, for that matter, fall asleep for the night -- pretty much anywhere, anytime, under any conditions. When he was 3, he once "disappeared," and Ann and I searched the house and yard high and low for him, shouting for him so loudly the neighbors heard. I finally found him curled up, asleep, on the office chair in my study, with one appendage dangling off each side of the chair, blissfully oblivious. Nowadays, at 11, he goes until he stops, and when he stops, he can fall asleep on a hardwood floor, sleep nine hours and wake up perfectly refreshed. I have a sleep disorder, so he has no idea how much I envy him.


Things change. I can sorta sleep looking at the screen. When I make it to the couch, it takes a long time for sleep to come.

In college, I could and did sleep anywhere. I once left a basketball game at halftime. If I hadn't, I would have crashed and landed on the people in the row in front of me.

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