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Jul 29, 2012


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I get the impression he is strait up.

Says "Mouthpiece in Chief" twice.

Count how many ads the clubs put in the Rhino.

Count the pages between Yes Weekly and the Rhino.

Curfew, tents and Noise.

Roy, Randall and TREBIC's boy.


"In 2007, more than $450,000 washed through the election system,
raised from homebuilders, lawyers and other citizens
with a stake in city politics, funneled into the coffers of candidates’ campaign
and then drained back out in expenditures for yard signs, newspaper ads,
billboard displays, payments to poll workers and rental fees for banquet halls.

...One newspaper, the conservative-leaning Rhinoceros Times,
[pulled] in $26,030 in 2007..."

"If you survey the sitting Greensboro City Council,
every single member would have to admit
that their largest or second largest donation
came from someone connected to the real-estate industry
or the developers industry.”

Candidate spending, 2007

1. Mayor Yvonne Johnson — $97,201

3. District 3 Councilman Zack Matheny — $45,868

4. At-large Councilman Robbie Perkins — $38,968"

Jordan Green
Yes Weekly, September 16, 2009
If John Hammer says he's a conservative,
why hasn't he written about Greensboro's DC lobbyist
who's parent's gave to Robbie's campaign?
How many times has John Hammer reported on RUCO?
How much does the Rhino's real estate section
pad the Rhino's bottom line, along with the political ads
that come from the same sources?


Before the forum began,
I gave John Hammer a packet with information about the incentives
voted on by Guilford's County Commissioners,
which I spoke of when Skip Alston received an extension on a loan
from the City of Greensboro the week before,
which John Hammer has yet to report.

"Perkins got asked a question about land he sold
and the buyer got economic incentives to develop it."

Should John have mentioned the buyer was Chester Brown
of Brown Investment Properties
who represented Robbie's LLC for the grant
three days before acquiring Robbie's property?

Didn't Chester speak at Robbie's mayoral bid kickoff

Should John have informed the public
that the property was under contract (per Robbie at the forum)
to be sold to Chester as Chester made the presentation to Guilford County
for Robbie?

"He noted that he sold the land
and didn't benefit from the economic incentives from Guilford County..."

John Hammer
How could Robbie not have benefited from the incentive
if the property was suddenly worth another $124,504
after the grant was approved?

Is John too financially illiterate to figure out Robbie's benefit,
or did he not question the statement because it was in his own best interests
to support the status quo, regardless of the best interests of his readers?

Should John have informed the public
that Mr. Perkins didn't tell his constituents about his incentive request
hidden in an LLC?

Should John have reported that the incentives were supposed to be for "small businesses"?

Should John have informed the public
that the project was already underway,
therefore possibly violating NCGS 158 -7.1 (a)
because the increase to taxable property was already established?

Should John have informed the public
that the request may have violated Guilford County's Commercial Investment Policy
which I gave him with highlighted excerpts at the forum,
which says among other things, that
"The applicant must be the record owner of the subject real property"?

Should John have reported why the grant was withdrawn in 2011,
which he was informed of at the forum?

sal leone

When are people going to learn that certain newspapers will only report what they want on certain candidates or elected officials. The way it works is simple, buy ads in papers and get away with everything.

Don Moore

I thought that Jeff gave Hammer too much credit and by name calling, he indicated that he felt threatened by Hammer's weakly. Poor form.

Andrew Brod

"Hammer's weakly." Dead on.

Ed Cone

Dead on, and also a joke the Rhino has made about itself in the masthead every week for as along as I can remember.

Andrew Brod

Huh. I never noticed that before. Are you sure it's intentional?


Any interest in reporting of the push poll for GPAC gentlemen?

Comparisons anyone?

Tony Wilkins

I wasn't impressed with Gauger's comments. I deduced that jealousy abounds.

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