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Jul 24, 2012


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Fred Gregory

Nice dog. What's that they say: " In Washington , if you want a friend , get a dog "

While we are on the subject of family, I think the public needs to see a little more of these young men.

Ben, Tagg, Matt, Josh and Craig

Andrew Brod

Trudeau agrees.


"I think the public needs to see a little more of these young men."

No, I've seen way too much of them. I see mirror images of those chads every time I'm dragged to the GCC to dine with my family.

David Hoggard

If this thread devolves into another pissin' contest like it looks like it might, I'm gonna blow groceries and give up all hope that people hereabouts can agree on anything anymore.

Good photos, Ed & TL, thanks.

Fred Gregory

Yeah, it has become tiresome and obvious..

Creative editing over at NBC

Ed Cone

You know when I wrote that the awful Aurora thread should be discounted because everyone was upset? Nevermind. This shit is pathological.

Fred Gregory

Oops wrong link..This is more like it !

Pathological how ? Like 8 years of virulent insane hatred of W ,short BDS, and 4 years of blaming him for everything from the heartbreak of psoriasis to shingles.

First snark fired was AB.

Trudeau's partisan act is stale and people who find it amusing are missing something from the knife drawer.

Andrew Brod

Hey, all I said was that Trudeau agrees with you: we should see more of Tagg and his brothers.

Some people can't take yes for an answer.

David Hoggard

Fred... with your first comment you chose to, in effect, say "don't waste any viewing time on anything Obama related, here... look at these fine Romney kids instead". Partisan.

Andrew... your choice of linkage was indeed snark aimed squarely at Fred and prompted prell to pile on. Partisan.

You guys can't even be honest with yourselves. It's truly sad AND pathological. Tiresome AND painfully obvious.

Before this silly season gets too much further down the road, we need to all get together, physically... while swilling beers... just to remind each other that none of us has sprouted horns.

Fred Gregory


Since I married a Kentucky girl I can see us bending an elbow in fellowship. I do have horns however a vet keeps them trimmed.
I am not dangerous. Honest

I am going out of country for a few weeks. If any acrimony develops on this blog count me out. No laptop, cell phones or other tech crap. Just will be having fun and drinking bier in Germany.

auf Wiedersehen


Andrew Brod

I didn't deny snarking. I rarely deny it. I like snarking. Many people can take it. Some can't.

I may be tiresome, but there's nothing dishonest about my posts. This is the way I am. You may pity my wife if you choose.

By the way, is it snark to request more pics of the president's dog "even if he's really a Kenyan Water Dog and we've never seen the obedience school transcripts"?

Probably not. Sorry I suggested it.


Maybe this will help.

Fred Gregory

Jon Corzine comes to mind when speaking of snark and rich boys who we need to seee more of. Whew, the guy who almost became Secretary of the Treasusry

Yeah he is under the radar while bundling big time for Obama, still unable to provide an explanation about the billions that went missing from MF Global.

So don't count on Trudeau to spot or ridicule him but I will provide some political humor on this sleazebag.

Jon Corzine: Shipwrecked


Steal Is Such An Ugly Word

Ya'll have a nice day.

David, I'll take you up on that offer when I return, OK ?

Ed Cone

I'm biased,but while Bo is a handsome dog I think my PWD is the prettiest one I've seen.

David Hoggard

You got it, Fred.

Ed Cone

Kittens are cute, although I have not found any pictures on the internet.

Bill Bush

My four cats disdain all your canine controversy. Well, three of them, anyway. The 14-year-old does not even deign to disdain your whatever it is...

Fred Gregory

Kittens, mittens. Good God almighty. I am calling the R word on this jerk.. and so should you Ed and Andy.

The thread was on the nasty and personal side BUT this loon from MSNBC is really, really

Watch in stupefying disbelief !! Unfucken believable.


What happened to "All The Way To Tampa," Fred? Why did you give up? Why do you now love a candidate you once despised?

Fred Gregory

Prel please try and respond to my comment , as best ou can, sigh!

I didn't despise Romney during the primary but that it is over and now it is on to the General Election and return to good government with a GOP sweep.

Enjoy your lunch at the GCC with your weaslthy friends.

Ta Ta for now

Fred Gregory


You didn't look hard enough.

Tom & What's his name

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