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Jul 19, 2012


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Not one mention of even a job in the article.

Billy Jones

Triadwatch wrote, "Not one mention of even a job in the article."

The media telling the truth for a change? The exception that proves the rule?


Speaking as a developer of iPhone and iPad software, as Apple grows, so do I. I have a job, and so do each one of the talented folks who work for me, at least in part, because of Apple. As the fruit company prospers, so do I. So yes, jobs are being created.

Ed Cone

But your work would feel the glow from a new Apple data center in Siberia, Ged. The NC connection is irrelevant.

That said, just because the article didn't mention jobs doesn't mean there are none associated with the project. Construction work will ensue, for sure. And somebody has to tend the farm, although the marginal increase in positions is unknown and unlikely to be large.

It's been pointed out here that these facilities do add considerably to the local tax base -- although they frequently get tax breaks, so the impact there remains unclear.

Billy Jones

Ged, I won't argue that you are correct but at what cost? Is it wort it to all of us in the long run and can you be absolutely certain?

Ed Cone

If absolute certainty was the prerequisite for action, nobody would do anything but pay taxes and die.

Andrew Brod

Ed, just to be clear, the impact is positive. It's highly unusual for the tax breaks to zero out the new business's tax liability.

But how positive? is a good question. And maybe that's what you meant.

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