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Jun 23, 2012


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Enjoyed my gas stove this morning.

Billy Jones

My first planting of corn is down, not sure if it can be saved but everything else is okay. FredG said all his tomato plants are destroyed.


Sorry to hear that, Billy.

I've had a couple of good corn crops over the years. But after feeding crows a couple of crops of seed I gave up until this year.

So far so good, but I expect a downdraft at any time.


I was dejected at not having spent the two previous mornings watering the garden and providing a snack for the skeeters. I was therefore much relieved by the downpour, even if it was an embarrassment of riches.

Billy Jones

I think!!! I've managed to save the corn... I had to carefully stand each plant back up and pack soil around it with a firm stomp. Thankfully, corn is one of those things I'm able to get plenty of from friends and family but I like to grow just a little for myself. Now had I lost my tomatoes I would have been really devastated. I ate my first tomato sandwiches of the year just yesterday and look forward to many more.

We plant corn that is treated with something that really repels crows. McKnight Hardware keeps it in stock. My new kitten is keeping the squirrels and birds away from the tomatoes. Funny thing is, she's half as big as a squirrel.

Monday we start canning beans and later in the week I'll plant a late crop of beans.

My dill patch laid over but it's time to cut it down anyway so it doesn't matter. I get 2 crops of dill a year and give away most of it.

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