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Jun 29, 2012


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Move Forward!!


Seems, seems, always seems. Nothin but seems. Ed has more ways to do seems than Bubba Gump did shrimp. Convinces me every time. Analysis and is so inconvenient, tedious and Spaglike.

Ed Cone

CP, I don't live in Germany, and I'm not an expert on German healthcare. When I say it seems to work well, I'm basing that on the observations and reporting of people I respect (I've recommended TR Reid's book on healthcare systems around the world many times here) not my own personal observation. Hence, "seems."

There are plenty of other commenters and cable news shouting heads to speak ALWAYS IN ALL CAPS. That's just not my goal here.


I've never been able to understand libertarianism. It seems premised on the notion that the only oppressive force in society is government. That's just wrong.

The guy says he would prefer a "competitive market in health care." I would prefer a system that assured adequate health care to all regardless of ability to pay *and* didn't force hospitals to overcharge insured patients to recover revenue lost when they treat the uninsured in their emergency rooms. (The UNC hospital system provides hundreds of millions of treatment to nonpaying patients annually, which it recovers by jacking up the bills of insured patients.)

I've never seen a conservative or a libertarian explain how the market can meet my conditions. I have to assume, then, that they value the market more than they value providing care to everyone.

Ed Cone

I was surprised that he prefers single-payer over a private-insurance system like that in Germany, esp. since the latter seems more likely to fly in this country.

Maybe he hasn't read that book.


"Seems, seems, always seems. Nothin but seems."

CP, maybe he meant to write "seams", as in the procedure that joins the fabric of two separate and different items together, like Germany's health care system and Obamacare.

Bill Yaner

It seems to me that America is obsessed with this healthcare thing because we eat crap, have become way to heavy, and pay only lip service to exercise. Ergo, heal me healthcare industry. Heal me.

Billy Jones

When politics are involved only the worst possible outcome can be expected as a result.

Bill Yaner

Politics are ALWAYS involved, Billy Jones. Always.

The answer is to deal with it, not reject its role in every single solution we've ever found to every problem facing us.

Deal with it.

Billy Jones

I deal with it every day, Bill. I deal with the pain and the misery caused by not having a job that offered healthcare or the ability to afford healthcare for over 35 years now. I agree, politics are always involved and like I said, the worst possible outcome can be expected as a result. Indeed, I deal with it as more than I can earn is used to pay for it. And because of that, the rest of you deal with it too.

My chiropractor laughed this week when I told her I robbed a bank to pay her bill... Little did she know...

But thanks to a shrink paid for by you and the rest of Guilford County, after a 10 year effort on my part to finally be allowed to see a shrink, I am now entering the 4th day in adult memory in which I haven't contemplated suicide. Think of what my life could have been if 40 plus of the last 56 hadn't of been plagued with easily treatable healthcare and mental health issues. Do any of you know what it's like to hurt every day of your life and not be afforded help? For over 40 years? Think of what I could have given the world. I scored 99% on the military entrance exams and my IQ tested at 145 plus. Every branch of the military offered me E-6 straight out of basic training with no more than a high school diploma but my PTSD was already full bore so I didn't dare go in. (People yelling at me pushes me into fight or flight-- I knew even then I'd never survive a drill sergeant even though I didn't know what was wrong with me.) I never took the SATs but I'm sure I would have done equally well. I imagined college to be like high school and was scared to go. Instead, I joined motorcycle gangs so someone would always have my back. Again, think of what I could have given the world instead of what I took away.

There are lots and lots of banks.

And I'm only one of millions who got tossed aside. And who suffers most? Not those of us who get tossed aside. No, not us. Few of us live as long as I've lived. I'm the exception. Most of my kind died young, drug overdoses, violence, high speed crashes..... It's those of you who are stuck dealing with our anger. Those of you who are doing without what all those others could be giving the world. Those of you who are paying the bills. You are the ones who suffer the most, not us.

Deal with it.

And Bill, I mean this with no ill will and think you can understand, it's not about me it's about all those others-- it's just that mine is the only story I'm allowed to tell.

Ed Cone

Germany's system was invoked not as a comparison to the ACA but as a contrast to Munger's preferred solution.

There are some similarities between the two insurance-based systems, but big differences, too, with the German approach being more comprehensive and ours more piecemeal.

Bill Yaner

And I certainly bear no ill will for you, Billy, was only referring to the inevitable presence of politics in everything the human race does.

That's a horrible pain you've lived with and I hope your shrink is as wonderful as the man who led me away from the edge. And if you haven't read this yet, William Styron's "Darkness Visible" is the masterpiece on this subject - told as only an artist can.

Good luck! And watch out for those security cameras!

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