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Jun 29, 2012


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It wouldn't feel so hot if we'd stop using thermometers and just extrapolate from historical data.


I noticed that the humidity yesterday was under 20% and the low humidity is expected to continue.

A more tolerable western dry heat. Rare.

Ed Cone

Yeah, it really hasn't been bad.

I don't mind hot and humid as much as some folks do, it reminds me of being a kid.


Me too.


It's 100 here.

By comparison, current (9:46am) Phoenix temp is 97 and humidity is 26%. Forecast high is 109.

I've spent some time in Phoenix and 26% humidity isn't bad. The place is so big and spread out that the local micro-climate often sees summer humidity of 40%-50%. That's pretty nasty when the daytime temps are above 110 and the nighttime low might be something like 92.

North of Phoenix, when you get some elevation, you can see temps in the 100's and humidity below 10. It's delightful.


Just wait for the high pressure to move off the coast and bring in some tropical winds from the south.


I was in a swimming pool in Moab Utah where it was about 102 and the humidity was 9%. You actually get cold for a short time when you get out of the water due to the rapid evaporation. Really weird for the unacclimated. Beer tastes better out there too.


Summer camping in Arizona is surprisingly comfortable if one seeks out the high altitude islands where it can be found.

Most folks think snow-birds follow the seasons by way of latitude. That isn't necessary the case.


Agreed that the lack of humidity is what's making this somewhat tolerable. It could be worse. 7,000+ homes are without power in Raleigh right now, and the heat index there is over 110. I'm reminded of my three days at Phish's Camp Oswego in upstate NY back in 1999, where it was 100+ for all three days but the humidity was very high too. People were dropping like flies the entire weekend but I don't recall ever breaking a sweat, despite the dancing and debauchery. Glad I don't have any concerts on the calendar for the next week. I'm not "old," but I'm way old to do it old school.

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