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Jun 19, 2012


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Don Moore

Plans submitted by Matt Brown traditionally require capital improvements the next year. Why not fix it first instead of later?


This was a great move on city council's part. We need to figure out other ways to help fund this and look at other architectural concepts. Even though the task force presented rough renderings, I was more impressed with those renderings than the ones Matt Brown presented at least in concept. There was no parking lot on that site and instead there is development around the PAC. I love the concept of tearing down the ywca building and expanding Festival Park to the front of the PAC. We do need to keep this dialog going. No need to rush and do a half ass job with this. Once its built its going to be with us for at least another 50 years so lets get it right. We need to get the funding right so the public buys into this.


".....so lets get it right."

Find private money to build it and operate it qualifies as getting it right.


Bubba If this can be built completely with private dollars or without any kind of bond, everyone will be happy. I'm certainly not against that.

Billy Jones

Now maybe Issac Cain will have time to scrape up enough suckers for his pie in the sky plans.


I think Nancy Vaughan made a good move. The time will only help the PAC and better to move slow then to speed up and mess up.
I like to see money from the private sector roll on in and maybe we can avoid a bond vote.


In order to keep the coliseum site from getting back on the table, the task force and city staff need to work together and limit as much public dollars for this as possible. Any facility built at the coliseum would have to be built with a bond because the donors will not support a coliseum PAC. Clearly the community wants this downtown. Don't let one or two council persons determine where this thing is built.


The issue with the arts center location is really simple. We put it at the coliseum then we will save money building it but will money come in due to the location, downtown will cost more but will bring in much more. We can be penny wise or pound foolish. There are so mny pro's to downtown with con's for the coliseum.

Just put it downtown and be done with it, we get support from the private sector that way.


I am not sure if Ed will start a blog on Zacks attack on the poor guy from the waste industry. I dont think it was professional.

Fred Gregory

Perkins, the transfer agent, picks winners and losers

"Perkins has supporters for his scheme. The support is made up of special-interest groups seeking taxpayer dollars, as well as individuals who support a performing arts center. However, both the special- interest groups and individuals realize that asking all citizens to take a collective action to benefit the very few that would attend the performing arts center is irrational. Making the many pay for the narrow needs of the few is irrational. The rational position is: if one enjoys performing arts, then one should go to see performing arts where it’s available, without subsidization of the many. Enter rational irrationality. Emotional attachment to beliefs and/or monetary self-interests in the performing arts center become so intense that reaching the goal becomes the rationale for promoting irrationality.

The final proposition to consider is rational ignorance. The average voter displays rational ignorance of issues. Why? The cost to be completely informed is greater than the value of one single vote and of that single vote changing outcomes when a large number of voters are present. Therefore it’s rational from a cost/benefit perspective to be ignorant of the issues. Perkins is depending upon rational ignorance to pass his bond so he can tax the many for the benefit of the few. Further, the few, with newly-bestowed benefits, become what is known as a dependent political constituency built through taxpayer dollars. That is to say, Perkins is attempting an exercise in political constituency-building through taxpayer dollars.

Ah, the evil of it all! "


Sal I agree, That was terrible and unprofessional to tell that guy to sit down. Its another example of Zack's arrogance.


The funny part ron was that he did not say a word to charles cherry when he called him a coward. I sat right in the chambers and watched him say nonthing. We want bidders to respond to are RFP but then the council treats them like dirt. I have been wondering if a lawsuit is in the works by Waste Connections. They were the lowest bidder, Zack defamed them by yelling at them they were stealing, and last weak said that he spoke with someone at waste connections and the said that they would not be ready,(hearsay) and then he said they were not a responsible company. I see more facts are coming out, Zack harped on Trudy for having family involved but now the route that waste connections would use near troy is under question. The Mayor of troy does not want the garbage from waste connections and this is causing them some problems. Now we hear there might be a connection with the mayor and someone in republic. I just think Greensboro will never handle its garbage right.



Zack is scare of Charles Cherry. Hes not going to say a word to him. City Council's home addresses are made public and he don't know what Cherry might do. If I were Waste Connections I would sue because Zack did defame the company in front of all of Greensboro and disrespected its representatives. Zack's arrogance is disgusting. Politics is going to keep this city from reaching any long term solution for waste disposal. Even when council agrees its hard to get things done.

Mad Dog

"I just think Greensboro will never handle its garbage right."-Sal


Substitute sh@# for garbage, and you may have stumbled upon a new campaign slogan!



I just might use that slogan, Mad Dog,lol. It might even get me elected because I can handle business. The reason why everyone is fighting because of money, certain companies own certain persons. I been in law enforcement for sometime, you know the clue that makes me think that, simple. They are fighting to hard for a company, who cares in the end if no money is coming your way. It is funny when a company offers to sav you millions and you look away, big clue.

As for charles cherry, I think he b**ch slap Zack if he talked to him like a dog.

Bill Cunningham

Ah yes ! The old off year election trick. Low turnout. Supporters of the newest money pit mobilize while the populus dozes and awakes to find themselves 20 million in debt.

The consultant's finding in favor of thePAC ( conflict of interest with the imperial mayor ) remind me of the RMA ho's report in the Wrat Fray.

Maybe not but if history is any guide the elites get their little Bolshoi while the peasants pay for it.

Ya hear me Billy Jones ??


the elites? so you're telling me joe the plummer doesn't go to a springsteen show at the coliseum and won't fork over the cash to see a buddy guy or similar sized act in a more intimate environment? get over yourself.


I think people will go see Springsteen, I will. The issue is what will the cost be for tickets and such. I think if I remember right at the council meeting that the commission said ticket price range to $200.00. I might be wrong but they put me to sleep.The issue is will the working people pay for big ticket prices, food or drinks inside and then a night on the town. The price might be much for some. I agree with Bills point on an off year election, if the spring is what they want, why not wait till nov when a city election will be on the ballot, low voter turnout does favor the arts center, what about the money an election will cost.

The arts center will come but lets do it right.

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