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Jun 28, 2012


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and away we go!

Dave Ribar

Lancelot was a pioneer in the music video field.



Mark Sutter

I hope his girlfriend and fellow agent Mata Hairi is with him and also doing well

Ian McDowell

This isn't surprising. Chimpanzees live a long time, and more importantly, the ones you see in movies and TV shows are almost always babies or juveniles, as adults are extremely dangerous (and much bigger than Lancelot or Cheetah were in their showbiz days). Occasionally, you'll see a fully adult chimp performing, but that's always something like the fighting chimp that toured county and state fairs when I was a kid, beating the asses of anybody stupid enough to get in the ring with it.

Ian McDowell

In other words, Lancelot Link was probably younger than we were when he was on TV.


I wonder if child-star chimps grow up to be be drug-addled mean has-beens like their primate cousins?

BBC this morning had a piece about someone at a chimp refugee facility who was in critical condition after being beaten and bitten by adult chimps who had been abused by humans prior to their rescue.

Ian McDowell

When chimps attack humans, they deliberate rip off fingers, as much of the face as they can, and in the case of men, genitals. That happened to the male half of the elderly couple who were attacked by chimps at a rescue facility some years back (they were bringing a birthday cake to their own former chimp, but were attacked by a pair of other males who'd picked the lock on their cage). It was the most (in)famous chimp attack before that woman got her face torn off in 2009.

After that was publicized, I recall reading about a man from North Carolina who was in an SUV that was attacked by chimps who'd escaped from a facility in Africa. Their driver, alarmed by the sight of the chimps in the road, had driven into a blind alley. The Americans escaped, but one African was literally torn asunder. Wild chimps in African have seized children from villages and eaten them.

I would much rather be attacked by a 400 lb. gorilla than a 150 lb. chimp. In recent gorilla attacks, people have been dragged and bitten, but nobody has been permanently mutilated or killed.

Off to google the latest chimp attack and see what happened. Hope the poor victim still has all his parts.

Ian McDowell

Thankfully, early reports are that he only lost an ear and several fingers. I hope that's all. As with the elderly man who was so much more thoroughly mutilated, he was attacked by a pair of males.

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