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Jun 15, 2012


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Andrew Brod

Good thing they didn't say vagina.

Ed Cone

Actually, THEY DID.


So, what is your opinion on the allegedly offending picture........

Andrew Brod

My opinion is that Ed wouldn't have posted this if it'd been a Democrat in the allegedly offensive picture.

Seymour Hardy Floyd

I've advised yearbook the last four years, and a controversy like this is perhaps a greatest fear but not the only one. You look at so many pictures, and you read so many words, and you try to catch and correct everything. My editors and I misspelled "Bison" (our school's mascot!) on a page this year--it appeared as "Bision." I was disappointed in us for missing that, but I also know how easy it is to miss something, even after you've looked at it many, many, many, many times. We autocorrect in our minds, even when it's staring incorrectly at us. I do know of one club group photo we pulled, but only after I showed it to the club's adviser for her to verify the names and she pointed out that one of the students was posed in a way that might be taken the wrong way. His pose was different, and I had noticed that, but I hadn't thought it was necessarily inappropriate. Once the club adviser pointed it out, I could see what she meant. Without her, I easily might have let the photo stay in instead of retaking it. I don't know if it would have embarassed or offended anyone, but maybe it could have stirred up concern or controversy. I did receive one complaint from a parent about her daughter not being pictured or even listed on the homecoming spread, even though she was on the court. The parent e-mailed me in a very polite but concerned manner, and I immediately felt horrible about her daughter being left off the spread--she definitely shouldn't have been. I apologized to the student and the parent, and they graciously accepted the apologies. I know it's another lesson I'll share with students next year, and hopefully we'll learn from it and not repeat the mistake.


I see what you did, there, Ed. Butthead says, "uh huh huh, he said muffs..."

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