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Jun 21, 2012


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Billy Jones

From the article: "Ironically, High Point’s zoning ordinance prohibits sexually oriented businesses such as the Tiki Cabaret from locating next to a church, but there’s nothing in the ordinance that would prevent a church from locating beside a strip club or any other sexually oriented business."

Hardly seems fair or just.

David Boyd

It got even better. group fervently praying for souls, their neighbors fervently dancing on poles...


And that right there is what good newspaper writing is all about. More, please.

Ian McDowell

What about when the church IS a strip club? I'm sure that's happened somewhere. Just a couple of blocks from my apartment is a particularly run-down dive bar that also advertises worship services on Sunday mornings.

"The fact that we're located where we are ... we thought this might be a good place for us to be, right in the middle of where people need to be shown the grace of God. But we're not casting stones at any of our neighbors – we're trying to be friends with them."

What a beautiful example of how to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

@Ian, some of my homeless friends go a church that holds Sunday services and weeknight Bible studies at a bar in downtown Greensboro. It may be the one you're speaking of. They're reaching out to people who might not attend a "traditional" church.

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