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Jun 15, 2012


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Two interesting notes:

1. The City used Certificates of Participation in 1999 to buy the Cedar Brown lot. So, the idea of using these for a PAC wouldn't be a first. Wonder how many other times CoP's have been used by the City.
2. Why would the Planning Board unanimously reject a motion to adopt stormwater rules that merely implement the state-mandated Jordan Lake Rules? What do we have against clean water? And will the City Council follow suit? Are we setting up a battle with the state on this issue and why? Let's adopt the Jordan Lake Rules, adapt, let's get on with things.


Check out who is opposed it is the trebic cartel and they are the single biggest undocumented lobbyist org that is doing more harm than good in this county

Billy Jones

And let's not forget that according to the NC Secretary of State, Trebic has been suspended from doing business since 2006 by order of the NC Department of Revenue and appears not to have been reinstated.

Billy Jones

I'm curious as to why it's being called the Cedar Brown lot when in fact it was the George C Brown Company lot? Was Mr Brown's middle name really, Cedar? I thought it was Chas.

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