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Jun 27, 2012


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Billy Jones

You're starting to read like a New Yorker, Ed.

Billy Jones

PS. Yes, I'm being critical.

Bill Bush

Great photo. Thanks for showing it.

Bill Yaner

Be sure to go to Eately on 5th and 23rd if you haven't experienced that yet. Mama mia!!

Bill Yaner

Eately. Now go on!

Ed Cone

Bill, we just moved from that general area -- we were off Union Square. I know that part of town pretty well, having worked for several years at 12th St and 5th, and many more, remotely, on E 28th. I've spent less time in the Wall St area, which made this trip kind of fun.

In any case, I seldom get to choose my restaurants on these trips -- I either do a one-day up-and-back, or have some work obligation for dinner. But I'll keep it in mind for more leisurely visits.

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