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Jun 20, 2012


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I saw this one coming and I am not sure why all the interviews with candidates, sometimes you got to look inside your agency for talent or what is the use.

Bill Yaner

And at $175,000 a year plus $850 a month slush fund, I can't BELIEVE she took the job!

Fred Grergory

So why not bring back "Mitchell" ( pet name for him by Mayor Feckless )

Votes are there , right. Redemption !!!

Oh and court threw out lawsuit against Hamer, Rhino and Bledsoe. Jus' saying...


BTW Matheny is in hot water for his comments to Tim Fadal, Vice president of Waste Connections. He called him a liar during the council meeting. The heated exchange ended in Matheny telling him to sit down. I knew this was coming.

Billy Jones

I actually have high hopes and expectations for Ms Turner Roth. It only takes a minute of talking with her to realize how bright she his. Fact is: Her biggest problem may well be she is smarter than all her bosses combined. Seriously.


"So why not bring back 'Mitchell' "

Who needs another round of Mitch hell?


A lot of people with top positions in the city are very smart. Is it unusual that she is very smart or something?

Billy Jones

Ms Turner Roth is smarter than most.

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