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Jun 22, 2012


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Peggy Hickle

Your cousin, Benjy, belongs to a Whist Club that meets every week. He says they actually did play whist back in the '20s -- the club, not him. In the '70s and '80s, he says they played bridge. Now, he says, no one plays bridge anymore so they play gin rummy.

I wish they still played whist.

Ed Cone

The most serious I've ever seen Benjy is at the card table.

Peggy Hickle

He gave my daughter some golf lessons a few years back - she said he was pretty serious about that, too.

Benjy was in our office today doing what he likes to call "idiot" work. I told him about the picture. He wanted to see it -- told him he'd have to actually go check out your blog. He said, "Ed's a really smart guy." Hard to argue with that -- especially when it comes from one of the smartest guys I know. You Cones -- smarter than the average bear....

Ed Cone

Benjy is more serious about working with kids than he is about actually playing golf, which is why I enjoy playing with him. He has a saying for every shot, especially the bad ones.

At the card table you can see the guy who went to Harvard Business School, and maybe a little bit of the Vietnam vet as well.

Peggy Hickle

You're right -- I love hearing him talk about the AHA golf team (the worst golf team ever) with such affection. He's just happy as a clam being their coach.

And the Harvard Business School grad is never happier than sitting in our office in a stained Fun 4th t-shirt stuffing sponsor packets and illuminating us about the three or four different esoteric books he's reading at the moment. I get a kick watching the history of Greensboro etched in a face wearing a stained Fun 4th t-shirt.

Ginia Zenke

I seem to remember Dad saying he played a lot of ...Canasta?... during the war, and maybe with the family. If there were any niceties to be learned, he probably learned them from the British family he was billeted with in Gloucester. Is that the one with the special deck? I take after Mother, who avoided learning bridge, claiming it was "too much for her small brain". That same thinking steered her clear of many committee meetings as well...When I get my memory going, gin & poker are fun, but I only win when playing for matchsticks - anything more invites disaster.

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