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Jun 29, 2012


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Ian McDowell

Then I don't feel so bad about not having made it out there last night. Meanwhile, I've tried Villa del Mar on High Point Road and found it every bit as good as Tony Wilkins said. The tacos rival El Mercadito's, and they have more varieties. The goat ones are quite good, but my favorite, surprisingly, turned out to be the tripe. I've never liked tripe before, always finding it rubbery or slimy, but my friend Doc ordered it and the waiter asked him if he wanted it cooked "crispy." He said yes and when his came, I tried it out of curiosity.

It may have been the best taco I've ever eaten in my life. The meat reminded me more of crispy melt-in-your mouth Filipino-style fried pork bellies than any tripe dish I'd ever had. Wow.

Going back tonight for the barbecued goat ribs. A friend who used to eat there regularly before going off to Korea to teach English posted on Facebook that it's falling-off-the-bone delicious. Must try.

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