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Jun 25, 2012


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That's just freaking stupid, like they're channeling the ghost of John Birch.

What's next? A flat Earth resolution?

(McCrory's various opinions on the issue won't matter to conservatives. They're just happy to find another imaginary enemy. )


I bet that Rio+20 summit left quite a carbon foot print.

Brian Clarey

Why are they wasting time on this when we could be passing legislation banning robots? Because robots are strong, and they eat old people's medicine.

Bill Yaner

When they do things as a party, like the Karl Rove pledge or signing on to this idiotic conspiracy theory, the GOP seems remarkably comfortable taking moronic stands against all reason. Yet individually it seems they can become, like McCrory, quite capable of saying and doing things which make sense. Of course there are always exceptions.


freedom fries!!!


I just do not see the big deal about agenda 21. This seems like some made up issue, or is it. Someone fill me in because I can't find the will to waste time reading about how it is going to destroy the earth.

David Hoggard

OMG. The man comes off like a friggin' socialist. Never heard anyone roll the word 'sustainability' off his tongue with such practiced ease as in that piece McCrory did for Bentley. (BENTley, for goodness' sake?!? sittinginthemiddle is in on this conspiracy somehow... I'm sure of it. Connect the dots)

But still... I admire McCrory and am going to vote for him, pandering tweeting and all.


Me too.


I can't vote for him. For all sorts of reasons the least being his lecherous giggle when he was questioned about Palin in 08 during a local tv interview.


Would you ever vote for a R regardless of their "giggle"?


I am for universal health care, financial regulation, environmental protections. R's are generally opposed to the positions I support.


I'll take that as a "No".

So "I cant vote for him because he is a Republican" is probably a tad more accurate. Which is fine. Just makin sure "we" didnt lose a vote over a laugh.


"I am for universal health care, financial regulation, environmental protections. R's are generally opposed to the positions I support."

You're so righteous and awesome. I'd give you a gold star if you were here.

Bill Yaner

"I am for universal health care, financial regulation, environmental protections. R's are generally opposed to the positions I support."

I cannot detect one spec of righteousness in that simple statement of views, Prell. Have always loved your shampoo though.


What I found interesting is that Pat at a recent forum was asked he make his personal income public, said no and was ill about it. I think it be interesting what he makes and the people should know. The issue is no big deal but he seemed to make it one, what is there to hide.


FWIW, I'm with Hoggard and Mick. I'm voting for McCrory. My maternal grandmother grew up with his parents in Jamestown. According to her, "He's good to his mother." Good enough for me. I don't think the same can be said of Walter Dalton. He strikes me as someone who hates his mother.

David Hoggard

Who is Walter Dalton?


"Who is Walter Dalton?"




Do you have info other than the sound bites from Dem commercials? I dont know one way or the other... just askin.


I am really not big on either candidate. They both seem to have issues as per the commercials. I will say Mick that when someone works in a law firm and is not a lawyer and that firm has dealings with the govt, well it's just weird they hire pat knowing he might be governor. I just don't know who to vote for yet. I would like to hear how much he makes for licking envelopes at the firm,lol.

tk solomon

SAL: he's the one being licked. his bare bohunqus is not being used as a bicycle rack.

David Hoggard

"They seem to have issues per the commercials"...

That is a sad commentary, indeed. Anyone who basis their knowledge of the issues/candidates 'per the commercials' is a real big part of the problem.

lol? Did you really? Should be 'col' - Cry Out Loud.


Sal - I think I've posted it before, here's a link to the UN's Agenda 21 page. Let us know if you read anything there that seems sinister. I didn't see anything upsetting about it.


Hi David. I don't like to use the tv ads for the basis of my vote, but I do take the information and look it up. I know the game on tv ads and expect the trashing of eachother. I will say that I am having a problem with pats work at the law firm. I understand he is not a lawyer, or paralegal, what does he do and how much does he make for doing non important work. I saw on the forum that he stated that he would not release his tax returns, if conducting an investigation well that would be the clue, the refusal because he knows that he makes way to much money for what he does and that it might look like a payoff.

thanks Thomas for the link.


Meanwhile, Dalton's behind by 7-11 points in the polling; hence, this diversionary meme here.

Oh wait......isn't that a Republican/Tea Partier doing or saying something racist or homophobic over there?

Isn't there some sort of fracking pseudo fact somewhere that needs to be exploited exaggerated exposed?

Can't someone find a new report which invents phony economic evidence about reveals how the rich don't pay their fair share?

And where's Arnold, with the latest simple wild ass guess and exaggeration regarding the reason proof that the reason the economy hasn't recovered is because everyone laughed at didn't listen to experts like Krugman and Arnold?

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