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Jun 20, 2012


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The bar's dress code seems a bit persnickety, too.

But, then, how many times have I been told here that racism ended when the GOP voted for the 1965 civil rights bill?

Billy Jones

Looks like a class-action suit in the making-- say goodbye to 1 Raleigh sports bar.


"The bar's dress code seems a bit persnickety, too"- Justcorbly

Yeah, I can see where they would want their patrons wearing doorags and timberland boots, hats turned sideways and pants below their asses. That would fit right in line with where someone would want to go catch a game on saturday evening. Funny, that appears to be the exact same dress code as almost every bar in downtown Greensboro, except of course the old N Club where four people were shot last summer, the Platinum club where two people were shot a couple weeks back,the Players club where a man was killed last fall, and a whole host of others where the dress code is not so persnickety. But let's not let a little thing like public safety get in the way of the narrative.


That should not happen to anyone, ever. It did happen to me once, though, in Washington DC. I was with some friends and we decided to go to a club and listen to some jazz. We were the only white people trying to get in and when we got to the door they told us they were closed. Closed? The people right in front of us got in and the people right behind us got in, yet they were closed? It was only 10:30 at night and the band just started playing at 10. And it wasn't that they were closed for a private party, this had been advertised in the area papers and on the radio. So yeah, it shouldn't happen, but sadly it does, and it goes both ways. I don't get it - people are people who cares what their skin color is?

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