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May 01, 2012


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I'm so old I remember when you couldn't buy sushi west of the Hudson or east of Oakland.

I'm so old I used the thing that became AOL, when it was called Quantum something-or-other. I used it, a 9-inch Mac and Gopher to, ever so slowly, connect with that newfangled web thing at CERN.

Billy Jones

My Daddy used to tell me to never eat seafood between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rockies as there was no way it could be fresh or fit to eat. And never eat BBQ north of the Mason-Dixon line because yankees didn't know what BBQ was.

As for sushi, if it's raw I ain't eating it.

  Bill Yaner

I'm so old I can remember watching the McCarthy hearings on TV and my parents telling me that both he and attorney Roy Cohn were very bad men.

That's pretty damn old.

But I feel alright.


I'm so old I remember when gay marriage was not even on the agenda for pre-"progressive" liberals.


bubba, you're so old you can remember tutoring caligula at one of his "suarés"

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