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May 06, 2012


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Duncan's point about the Barnes is really how it's supposed to be for the city but cut itself off from public transportation (and therefore, to most city dwellers). We have no public transportation in GSO that people use to get downtown (still stuns me that festival givers don't set up bus transport from, say Friendly Ave. parking areas to downtown & back again, but heck, we can't really commute to Raleigh or Charlotte, either) so the parking area for the GPAC could easily mimic what they did in Durham. That is, build a nice, clean, well-patrolled (bike cops) parking garage with exits that lead to convenient highways or to local roads and are clearly marked.

They also have traffic control humans who help empty that garage quickly and (get this) they work with the roads traffic signals to help get people moving. It's like, organized! Nothing we couldn't do here, although we'd have to bend some arms to get signs - I don't know what problem GSO has with signage (improved slightly over the past few years) but we could use a lot more that would help the occasional downtown goers who aren't family with "what street comes next" and if it's one-way.

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