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May 25, 2012


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Bob Page is not wearing a tie, hardly seems news worthy.


Bob Page doesn't like politics but has had for awhile his own political action committee.


That may very well be, but the N&R scooped the NYT with the Shoney's free pie story. Roch posted a link in another thread about the earth-shattering news that is Shoney's offering free pies. I hope the staff really digs deeper into that story over the weekend. Front pager on Sunday? What do we really know about Shoney's pies? What do they stand to gain (if anything) from this promotion? 65th anniversary? Do they adhere to the original recipe? A lot to be sorted out there.


The Times story incorrectly claims no NC Fortune 500 CEOs opposed the amendment.


Hmm. Ate my HTML and everything after. Link was http://www.google.com/m?q=duke+energy+amendment+one&client=ms-opera-mobile&channel=new


great article...he's done a lot for Greensboro

Ed Cone

Duke's Rogers took a stand, but it was a personal statement. Still important, but not taken as a corporate position.


Always have loved Replacements Unlimited, especially for their pets at work policy, but this is the topper. Will break some plates just to replace them and give them some much needed business/support.

formerky gt

"While some executives spoke out against it as individuals, not one Fortune 500 company based in North Carolina, including Bank of America, Duke Energy, VF Corporation and Lowe’s, opposed it."

reread the statement lex


Yup, I misread. It happens.

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