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May 08, 2012


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I suppose it's a done deal, but I'm still holding out hope for a boost from Mecklenburg county ....

Andrew Brod

CNN's projecting it'll pass.


Pity. It'll cost the state. In reputation and in real dollars. IT will be that much harder to lure good employers here.

Fear makes you do strange things, but I still can't figure out why so many people are so afraid. Messing with what goes on under the neighbor's roof isn't going to pay the bills, or get you into heaven, if that's your goal.


Wouldn't it also have the opposite effect of luring employers who don't want to pay same-sex benefits?

Andrew Brod

Amendment One won big, but I had high hopes for my home county.

But nope. Amendment One passes in Guilford, 50.03% to 49.97%.

Patrick Eakes

holding out the smallest hope for the absentees still in the mail

Fred Gregory

Did anyone notice this good news ?

Goodbye Earl

Ed Cone

Fred, are you referring to Earl Jones? He's been gone a while, just failed by a wide margin in his comeback attempt (despite a Simkins PAC endorsement).


The sad part is that about 65% in Guilford County did not vote. I wonder how many others in the state did not vote. Sad when you live in the greatest nation and people don't vote.


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