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May 03, 2012


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Our lovely paper is also running a series of anti-cyclist LTE during May, which is Bike Month. I understand the "free speech" but I like you have begun to question the benefit of the N&R.


I am with you Ed, let the Far Left Liberal Trash Rag go out of business.


for someone named sittinginthemiddle, you sure do seem to land way to the right of everything.



It is my hope that by injecting the positions of the far right into your far left ideology will somehow bring some to sittinginthemiddle. Being close minded to your opposition will almost always reward them with victory. Everyone is not a victim regardless of how many different ways you say it.

  Bill Yaner

It's a matter of perspective, Sean. Today's conservatives love to use Ragan's name though his policies by their standards today are "far left".


good luck with all that, sittinginthemiddle.


Hmmm…. I've been hanging around here a long time and I don't see any "far left" types, including me. If any of you folks are closeted Leninists, your hand.

Just because you think Ayn Rand's books are a crock doesn't make you any kind of leftist.


Oh, I actually did cancel my home delivery of the N&O today. The news in the first section is the same as I read online the previous evening. I can live without hardcopy of the rest of it and read whatever shows up in my newsreader.

But I actually bought a $10 subscription to gomics.com. Couldn't give 'em up.

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