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May 31, 2012


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Why the rush? They have been talking about a downtown performing arts center since 2001. It was a part of Action Greensboro downtown plan. The only thing that's being rushed is trying to get it on the ballot for November. The rest of the process is not being rushed Sure we don't know all the details. But most residents didn't know all the detail with the Aquatic Center either. Keep in mind even if this passes in November, it will be 3 to 4 years before this thing starts to rise up out of the ground. I don't think its being rushed. The timing is just right. By the time this facility opens, the economy will be better.

Mad Dog

Have some more Kool Aid, Ron.


PS-Been looking for "Them" for many years now and still haven't found "Them"


As a supporter of what ended up as being The GAC, I highly suggest getting as many ducks in a row as possible for the Performing Arts Center. Even I didnt like some of the goings on with the GAC bond vote. Holding that particular process up as an example is a total non-starter with a whole lot of folks... including me.

I like the idea. I am intrigued by the tix tax as a piece of the puzzle. I like much of what I have heard but I havent heard enough yet.

Billy Jones

If the timing were so right and the economy was so great there would be little resistance to the project. There are bigger problems to solve

By the way, Ron, do you work for, represent, are reimbursed by, contract to or receive any funds from any of the principals in the effort to build any downtown Greensboro performing arts center?


Ron, will you identify yourself to us?

Billy Jones

I wonder why that simple question shuts him up every time? You reckon Ron doesn't know the definition of principal?

Billy Jones

Never mind Ron, Spag 'splained it real good.


There are commenters here who abuse the anonymity Ed offers to engage in propaganda and distortions. I'm convinced no self-respecting person would do these things under their real name, so I ask. The answer, or lack thereof, will tell us if "Ron" believes he can put his reputation behind his statements or if he knows he's being disingenuous.


I support a PAC. I will only support it if it is downtown. It's fair to say other places in town have already been considered, but that the smart money and minds know that it will have the most benefit to all of Greensboro only if it is downtown. I do not own property downtown and I will only benefit from the PAC by virtue of attending events there - and that I can walk there in less than 30 minutes from my home. So what if people who own property downtown profit from owning property at the right time and in the right place? Why is that even an issue?

Billy Jones

Brian wrote: "It's fair to say other places in town have already been considered,"

If that were true there would have been a public discussion by City Council about placing the PAC in other neighborhoods. It's not as if they don't know about my efforts as I e-mail them and I've been on Fox8, Time Warner 14 and mentioned in WUNC radio reports. But there has been no such discussion.


I guess Robbie has come to realize he will not be getting this little fantasy land any time soon. Maybe now he can focus on leading the city and not looking to pad pockets of his buddies. Not likely though.


I think that public process you are referring to is what ended up getting it included in Action Greensboro's initial action plan as well as DGI's as well as the Consolidated Downtown Plan. I realize that the fact those public processes were handled by organizations you have little respect for, so that may color your recollection.

If you want a PAC or some other amenity in your neighborhood, organize for it. Perhaps your locations and ideas have been considered and rejected. If you want City Council to listen to you, you typically will need for than one voice for it to be taken seriously (unless, of course your name is Roy Carroll.)


"Action Greensboro's initial action plan as well as DGI's as well as the Consolidated Downtown Plan." - Brian

Refresh my memory, weren't those all one in the same and didn't the "public" part of the process consist of a single afternoon of discussion? Please correct me if my recollection is inaccurate.

I agree with you that the benefits accrued to the neighbors of this PAC is no reason to oppose it.

Billy Jones

Brian: "unless, of course your name is Roy Carroll."

My point exactly. Roy Carroll should have no more voice than I do.

By the way: The City just spent $90,000 to prove me right Again.

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