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May 09, 2012


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Ed Cone

We seem to have changed the subject from what Madison wrote on the eve of the Constitutional convention about the need to protect the minority, which is not in any real dispute, to hey, look over there.


I don't see it that way, Ed.

Madison was brought up only after I disagreed with your statement regarding 'the tyranny of the majority'... that:

[minority rights] is a core American principle and a major driver of the Bill of Rights.

It is not; individual liberty is and attempting to have it otherwise is dangerious for the reasons I previously mentioned.

But pretending that Madison is the topic of discussion rather than a crutch for your weakly worded statement is poor debating.

Jim Langer

How about "1 Man, 1 Woman, Once"? Or "1 Man, with active sperm, 1 Woman with fertile womb"?

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