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May 06, 2012


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Gauger appears to be the right man for the job. The signs in my neighborhood are neither shade of blue and many on both sides are red.

He posts comments from readers about printing the comics twice for the same day and having to run two sets at once to fix it, but ignores the lie Trudy Wade told and they printed about the reason for her inaccurate ad regarding Justin Conrad.

Apparently, Robin Saul isn't the only one who thinks the readers are idiots. Of course, we tend to judge others as we judge ourselves.


Don't forget the ad for a Digital Big Toe among the cornpone.

Ginia Zenke

Trees? This, in a town where trees barely last past the planned life expectancy of the next streetscape/sidewalk configuration? This could be a real turning point...


I gave the new guy the benefit of doubt. He couldn't possibly be worse than the old guy.

I may have to reassess that opinion.

Billy Jones

Bubba wrote, "I gave the new guy the benefit of doubt. He couldn't possibly be worse than the old guy."

I reserve the right to reserve the right to reserve... ;-)


Didn't read the Trees article, but sure hope it talked about the grotesque clearcut taking place on what used to be a beautifully forested Grimsley campus. Apalling.

Truth in the News

Heck, we can't even get complete sentences and sentences that don't begin with cojunctions out of the N&R, as grammar loses out to glib and trendy e-speak. Relevance and substance in the writing is far too much to hope for. I feel a subscription cancellation coming on.

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