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Apr 04, 2012


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Billy Jones

"So the hope is not that GSO's memorial to the Great War will survive as we have known it. The hope is that the promises made last night about focusing on the Summit corridor and following through on years of happy-talk to the neighborhood might actually come true."

Could it be Council is only trying to buy Aycock's votes for a downtown PAC and support for expansion beyond the city? I'd like to think not but considering the players...

David Hoggard

Billy, you are channeling George Hartzman. Stop it.

Truth is, Aycock will likely be pro-PAC irrespective of anything other than it would be a good thing for us in close proximity to where we live.

Ed. I was completely expecting a vote to demolish last night. What occurred was organic. People are genuinely conflicted over WMS. No one wants to tear it down and know one want to fix it... including those on Council.

As for the Summit Ave. plans moving forward. It is simply our time and we have been patient.

Ed Cone

It was good to see the Council show some concern and interest, however late in the game, and the public statements about Summit are important.

But Hoggard, do you doubt Mr. Kennerly's conclusion? And if so, do you think $$ can be found to do something in a timely fashion?

Otherwise, down she comes.


There were some things the city could have done to keep up War Memorial Stadium but there were limits. Blame the citizens of Greensboro because they kept voting the renovation bond down time after time jut like War Memorial Auditorium at the coliseum.


David, I think a lot of people around town don't want to see any part of this stadium torn down including myself. Its part of our history and once its gone its gone forever. Even replacing it with new walls, its still not the same. I look at so many historical buildings that were torn down such as the King Cotton Hotel, the O'Henry and now many have regrets. Why is there such a rush to tear down War Memorial? Its ironic because some of the same council persons who criticized the previous council for rushing with re-opening White Street landfill want to rush with tearing down WMS without looking at every option to keep this facility intact. Also why didn't they put the stadium in the parks and rec bond the way they did with the aquatic center?

David Hoggard

No, I do not doubt Kennerly's conclusions, I actually agree with them. But they never concluded the things that some would have you believe.

For instance; they have never stated, in either the 2003 or 2008 assessments, that the place is either unsafe or "beyond repair". What the DO say is it will eventually get there if something is not done.

They also scolded in 2003 that deferred maintenance is what caused the problems and that undertaking the repairs "might be cost prohibitive". They have never stated that it COULDN'T be repaired, just that it would be costly to do so. (Big surprise, that)

From the 2003 report: "If no repairs or maintenance are performed, the structure will continue to deteriorate to an unsafe condition." That was nine years ago. But it wasn't "unsafe" then, and it is still not "unsafe".

The place isn't going to fall down as some might have you believe, even at this late hour. It is built pretty damn well.

In 2008, their Executive Summary concludes with this:

"The World War Memorial is judged to be in relatively poor condition with widespread reinforcing steel corrosion and associated distress and damaged elements from weathering. Repairs must be implemented to maintain serviceability"

Their estimated cost for those repairs in 2008? "$3 to $4 Million". The political will and sense of responsibility needed to undertake the needed repairs: Zero - both then and now.

So, to your second question, "do you think $$ can be found to do something in a timely fashion?

Yes, the money COULD be found, but we won't. So, sadly, you are correct - down she comes.

David Hoggard

Ron asks, "why didn't they put the stadium in the parks and rec bond the way they did with the aquatic center?"

I was on the P&R Commission at the time and suggested just that. The suggestion went nowhere with Council.

The aquatic center had a hell of an advocate in Mike Barber, who maneuvered the politics that led to getting that bond under the cover of P&R, thereby insuring its passage.

War Memorial Stadium has never enjoyed anything near that level of advocacy on Council. But after sensing his passion for WMS and the new War Memorial that was discussed last night (Carolina Field of Honor), I nominate Zack to the position.

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