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Apr 04, 2012


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Almost everything on the internet hates Chrome, including corporate websites where the designers are too lazy to produce a site that works in all five of the major browsers

It's especially obnoxious on sites that use online software to render financial calculations/illustrations.

Ed Cone

I've been surprised by the slow adoption of Chrome by site hosts -- other places I couldn't use it effectively quite recently include the USAirways site and the City of GSO Council meeting video player.

And I had to leave Chrome to post this comment.


And here I am with Firefox 14.0A1 (Nightly) without any issues. Probably not enough issues to be different from Firefox 11.0 I guess.


when i saw the new captcha, i almost decide to quit commenting here. it's *that* time consuming. luckily, the option of logging into FB is relatively painless. i'm glad it's for a good cause, but jeesh, what a terrible experience. askimet is so much of a better solution.


Chrome also doesn't support the Facebook widgets that some sites are using now for commenting.

Sue Polinsky

You're discovering the Web designers' constant nightmare - building a site that works in all major browsers (and phone and tablets). We generally hate IE-version anything and Chrome's reputation is the "least forgiving" browser to test. We use hacks; we know 'quirks' mode. There ARE standards; it'd be nice if all browsers met them.

As for video, it comes in types (formats) and some are Windows-only, some sorta universal (more life .flv except if you have an Apple anything). Some providers don't care and put a Quicktime-only video on a site so sorry, IE won't show it without a plugin (and vice versa for the others). And those plugins need updating. (Just fixed a 5-yo issue with a SMART friend who couldn't see video; just needed an update.)

I rely on the fact that I'm pre-browser online and choose one depending on what site I'm on. Inconvenient? Absolutely. The browser developers *could* make a simple one that does the basics and screw the bells & whistles. But it's not a new problem; been around since 1991-ish.


Some corporate websites don't make the effort......they take the easy way out, and make IE the only browser that will work, thereby insulting their independent brokers who generally prefer to use Chrome or Firefox.

I used Firefox for a number of years, but it left a lot to be desired when I went from an XP desktop to one with Vista, and that eventually led me to use Chrome, which has worked well on Vista and Windows 7.

The lean, minimalist approach of Chrome is appealing, and I can access bookmarks quickly from the toolbar quickly, without having to scroll down a long list of folders under a Favorites tab. . IE and Firefox. It's the same reason I went to an all-in-one large screen HP when I bought a new computer. I get maximum speed and efficiency with Chrome, which allows maximum screen for graphics.

Side note: I composed this comment in Chrome, before I remebered that it won't post here. habits are slow to change.

Ed Cone

1991 was a long, long time ago. Browsers should be designed with users in mind, but much as I sympathize with site designers there is a huge and growing population using mobile devices and non-IE browsers, so it's absurd for a company like USAirways to say, in effect, we will not do business with you.

I'm commenting via Firefox, because that's my default browser on this machine. But I'm about to do some work on WebEx and have been told to use IE. Gah.


I tend to float between IE, FireFox and Chrome on Windows and while using OSX I drift between Camino and Safari.

This allows me to use multiple google accounts on a single machine, avoiding signing in then out or out and in.

Sort of like going from a automatic to a manual in a car, I have accommodated myself to the differences to the point that the changes no longer chafe.

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