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Apr 02, 2012


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I'm not nearly as shocked by these stories as I am by people who see nothing wrong with their lives being everybody else's business.

Ken Hill

Wait until you get the 28 page "Community Survey" from the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau now reports directly to the White House.


A related topic is the idea of potential employers asking for your Facebook log-in info. No pressure there...Do you want the job or not?

Even if you're willing to share, unless you get permission from all your FB "friends" to make their pages available to the employer, this is unacceptable.

Mad Dog

How about being suspended then fired from a job you already have because you refused let your Facebook be viewed by your employer?


Not sure link works. Found it on Fark. But it was a teacher's aide in Michigan.


sean coon

if i had an employer who demanded access to my facebook page or i'd lose my job, i'd be looking for a new job... and filing a law suit.

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