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Mar 23, 2012


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Account Deleted

It was fun to watch them have to fight as a team and work on the basics to pull out a win. So often with Carolina its expected to flow like a machine on the offensive end. The emergence of Bullock is great to watch. Whoever has helped him with the mechanics on his jumper, especially the footwork, needs a gold sticker.

Kansas is not a scoring team but their point guard is lighting fast. It is doable and will be another good game where the team system has to work.

Stillman White must be in seventh heaven as a freshman!

Patrick Eakes

dead link

Patrick Eakes

+1 for the post title, btw

Ed Cone

Link fixed, thnx.

Now if we could just fix Barnes.


The number of turnovers by big men inside was troubling. I don't see UNC winning.


I love our chances against KU. Don't be fooled by the name on the jersey. This isn't a great Kansas team by any stretch of the imagination. They're a young, two-man team that doesn't score a lot of points, has been on the brink of elimination the past two games, and has overachieved all season (They lost by six at home to Davidson.). Better ball control and perimeter defense, MUCH BETTER shot selection, forty minutes of Harrison Barnes (as opposed to five in overtime), and perhaps a greater sense of urgency = a UNC win, with or without Marshall.

Let's face it, Marshall will be in a suit tomorrow. The only action he will possibly see going forward is in a championship match with Kentucky. Ol Roy's too daggum stubborn and protective of his players and yes, he knows good and well that it bugs the dickens out of the fans. But the man's got more sense about Marshall's well being in his little pinky finger than any of us Carolina fans. Go Heels!


Well, according to InsideCarolina.com and other outlets, it's sounding like Butter is gonna play tomorrow. I still like our spot either way.


Louisville v Kensucky could be epic. No easy roads to natty any more.

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