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Mar 16, 2012


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Hope they mention Joel before the Carolina game today. What a great guy he was.


What a terrible loss for the city of Greensboro and the UNC family. He was probably the nicest, most outgoing individual I've ever had the chance to meet. Some of my earliest memories from childhood are of going to Friendly Center and the old Forum 6. No trip was ever complete without a stop by Fleischman's. My dad would check out new selections while my brother and I would play hide-and-seek. Of course my dad would scold us but Mr. Fleischman egged us on and encouraged us. "Oh, let them play," he'd say. Twenty, twenty-one years passed before I ran into him again and when I did, I didn't need to reintroduce myself. He knew me by my full name and would always recount those stories to me.

Andrew Brod

He called you Prell Shampoo Fan?

I only knew Joel in recent years through the Temple. Always a smile. Always a good word. Almost always in a suit.


"He called you Prell Shampoo Fan?"

He did, indeed!

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