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Mar 30, 2012


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Ginia Zenke

Sheldon will have one of those biological disturbances in his pants when he sees this!

Mad Dog


I'm rethinking my fondness for you for posting that...,that..., that..., WTF was that?


Fred Gregory

Denny Crane for President

Ian McDowell

I actually found it kind of charming. Not GOOD, mind you, but charming. But then, I"d first seen it years ago, so it wasn't a surprise.



David Hoggard

Love it when Captain Kirk stands his ground, Fred. An appropriate situation and application for such a law if ever I saw one.

CP - How long did it take you to come up with that clip? Or had you filed it away some time ago in anticipation of its use for when Ed would finally post this disturbing video?


My mind works in strange ways--sort of an idiot savant of useless audiovisual trivia

Fred Gregory


It was up on the shelf right beside

This one

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