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Feb 01, 2012


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I would also be concerned that there might be a significant number of people who vote against the bond simply because Matt Brown has his hand in it. Consider me in that crowd. On the other side, this might have been the only way to light a fire under downtown leaders (DGI) to get moving on this PAC idea. Nothing had been happening since the Downtown Consolidated Plan was released. Nothing. So, if Mayor Perkins and Matt Brown and whomever else worked together on the drama leading up to where we are now, then good.

Billy Jones

To which I replied, "Isn't that putting the cart before the horse? Shouldn't those things have been figured out before you brought the matter to Council and shouldn't other communities also be considered as possible sites, Mayor Perkins?"

If areas outside the domain of Matt Brown and downtown development interests cannot be included as possible sites for a PAC then then none of Greensboro deserves to have a performing arts center no matter where they ultimately decide to locate it."


The architecture is very important. I think it can help generate a lot of excitement for the PAC. Greensboro lacks bold architecture. Everything built here is mediocre. We have gone overboard with the early 20th century retro style. Here are examples of the kind of boldness this city needs. These buildings have become architectural landmarks. I'd like to see the same kind of boldness for our downtown performing arts center.

Chattanooga Aquarium


Natuzzi Building in High Point



Here is another architectural example

Kimmel Performing Arts Center in Philadelphia


Also if we really want this to be an exciting private/public project, build an IMAX theater in the performing arts center if there is enough land. Yes this would be very expensive but I believe the private sector would step forward if this is an exciting project that will draw a lot of people.


Ron - Vernacular architecture has its place, but I agree with you that there is a time to deviate and this is it. We can not accept a mediocre design and it should be identifiable not only at the street level, but from above as well. The Community Foundation has a press release on their web site sort of pre-announcing the Task Force (no names yet) and that it will be soliciting input.


Private concerns typically do not build Amphitheaters, Auditoriums, etc. However, IMAX theaters they do build. So lets leave that to the private sector. Seems I heard, High Point has getting or will get one soon. WS has one too. I think.

Billy Jones

Architecture is yet another reason why building this project in East Greensboro makes more sense.


"Here is another architectural example

Kimmel Performing Arts Center in Philadelphia"

Oh, why stop at something like that?

Let's go for this.


High Point and Winston-Salem don't have true IMAX theaters. They are those fake IMAX theaters. The screens are just a little larger and the moved the seats up. The real IMAX theaters have screens that are over 3 or 4 stories tall. Maybe its a good Idea to combine a private project like an IMAX theater with the performing arts center. Just a thought.

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