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Feb 06, 2012


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Bill Yaner

Interesting stuff. The two major industrial super powers in the world duking it out over who will be the dominant player in renewables, and America the Consumer caught in the middle.

The difference between those two countries and our own is a national industrial policy, i.e. they both have one, and we do not. In lieu of having a policy across this particular industry we throw a bunch of money at an isolated company like Solyndra, and when it tanks we go, "Wow, that sure sucked. Ain't going to subsidize industrial growth no more, no way!" Right, good luck with that policy.

Things were sure simpler when we were the only industrial power in the world after WWII.

Bill Yaner

Or, "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?."

Meijun Zhang

http://www.cheapswtorcredits.net/ Both main commercial extremely forces on the planet duking this away more than that would be the dominating participant within renewables, as well as The united states the customer captured in the centre.

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