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Feb 17, 2012


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Billy Jones

"Bringing this to Council prematurely backfired, because now everyone's paying attention to the process, instead of just a few "key people."

You don't say?


Fortunately, Martinet Perkins was elected mayor and yet another of his seventeen marriages failed, forcing him to live at Center Pointe, where he learned of this serious problem and immediately became a champion of the cause on behalf of downtown residents, who up to this had gone unheard.

Billy Jones

You heard Martinet Perkins married a 17 year old?

tk solomon

17 year old brides are overrated

Billy Jones

Based on my own experiences so are 21 and 25 year old brides.

Billy Jones

Oh, and just to set the record straight, I was 22 and 27 at the time.


Perhaps Centerpointe residents should fight back with classical music? I think this linked article is interesting, with its conclusion having particular resonance for our fair city's downtown.


@Brian: This tactic worked so well for Forum VI...if anyone remembers that place. And yes, the article's conclusion, that teenagers or other "loud" folks need places where they can be loud, is what we really should be focusing on.

Billy Jones

Not only do I remember Forum VI, I worked for Rentenbach Engineering who built the project. Another horrible employer in a long line.

It was February, HVAC had yet to be installed in the building and not all of the walls and doors were installed. They hired a dozen of us to scrub the concrete stairwells using wire brushes and 5 gallon buckets of water. It was horrible cold. The water would freeze in our buckets before we finished each bucket. You couldn't help but get wet as much of the scrubbing was overhead.

The winds whipped through that place like nothing I'd ever experienced at the time. Damn, it was cold. At the end of day 1 I was the only one who hadn't quit and gone home. On day 2, eleven replacements were put to work. At the end of day 2 I was the only one who remained.

This continued for almost a month and every day I was the only one who made it until quitting time. I really wanted a job with an engineering/contracting firm and was willing to stick anything out to get it. I had studied structural engineering in school but hated being inside the basement at Carolina Steel so I decided my place was outside in the field.

After almost a month, the engine blew in my Pontiac on the way to work. I left the car on the shoulder of Wendover Ave (It was only 4 lanes back then) and walked an hour in sub freezing temperatures to get to work.

When I got there I was fired for being late 1 time in almost a month, penniless, freezing, had a car I couldn't drive and they never paid me for the work I did.

Those are the kinds of people who push these projects through-- they give a damn about nothing but their own profit margins and lunches at Anton's. I've worked for too many of them and know them far too well to trust them today.

I'm guessing the "noise problem" is really a land grab effort to get their hands on the property the Green Street Club is located on.

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