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Jan 20, 2012


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Bill B.

Why did you put the mug shot thumbnails on this post instead of the one about the arrests?


I've written Sen. Hagan twice about legislation, both times the responses were boilerplate talking points that showed me that her office places a low priority on responding to letters from constituents. I'd have a better opinion of her operation if the response acknowledged my position and explained why she disagreed.

Also, what's with Mel Watt, an influential Charlotte lawyer needs a "nerd" to explain the internet to him? The "aw shucks" act was pretty bogus.


Sam Irving he ain't.

Bryan, did the replies you received from Hagan parrot the lobbyist's now debunked $58 million cost of internet piracy?


Another example of letting lobbyists write the legislation rather than a gathering of experts. We have the laziest Congress of all time.


This may have been mentioned, but Senator Burr tweeted his opposition to PIPA yesterday.



1 4 Lawyers/Law Firms $743,094 $692,768 $50,326
4 25 Securities & Investment $290,491 $245,991 $44,500
5 59 Leadership PACs $278,600 $1,600 $277,000
9 43 TV/Movies/Music $174,290 $146,290 $28,000
12 36 Lobbyists $145,750 $143,750 $2,000
18 23 Business Services $83,850 $82,850 $1,000
19 7 Computers/Internet $71,131 $57,631 $13,500


Kind of spells it out, no?


Co Sponsor:

S.1392 EPA Regulatory Relief Act of 2011 07/20/11

S.968 Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011

S.593 A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify the tax rate for excise tax on investment income of private foundations.

Kay R. Hagan sponsored or co-sponsored 92 earmarks totalling $96,540,900 in fiscal year 2010 ranking 65th out of 100 senators.


I also wrote Senator Hagan about SOPA/PIPA. Her response was not encouraging... In her response she spews the "$58 billion in losses" figure created in a study by the Institute for Policy Innovation. However, there are significant issues with that study: http://techliberation.com/2006/10/01/texas-size-sophistry/ (h/t Freakonomics for the link).

She's sided with banks, now with MPAA and censorship. I'll vote for her again because any POS the GOP comes up with will be much, much worse, but I'll be hoping for a good progressive primary challenge...

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