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Jan 19, 2012


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Genetics aside, Deen ate herself into diabetes. She's not alone. Maybe your grandma really did pass along some genes that makes you predisposed to be fat. But, if you consume fewer calories that you burn, you will lose weight.

I remember when I told my doctor that I don't drink sodas. ("Pop", where I grew up.) He said, "Good! The stuff will kill you."

You are what you eat, and don't eat.

Bill Yaner

First Twinkies go down, now Paula?

There might be hope for this country after all.

Billy Jones

Don't know how true it is but I one heard it said that every time a doctor gets a new diabetic patient that the doctor could expect that patient to make him enough money to buy a new top of the line Mercedes over the course of the patient's treatment.

And there's the long standing claim that cancer has been cured but the cure will not be made available to the public.

I doubt either statement is 100% accurate but there are grains...

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