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Jan 31, 2012


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Para bailar la nina...

Dave Winer

Eeeeeets discossssssting. I want my winter!!

David Wharton

Caught a glimpse of you and Luna enjoying the sunshine downtown today.

Ed Cone

Our postprandial constitutional was particularly nice today.

I'm with Dave in wanting a little winter in my winter, but I'll take a few more afternoons like this one.

Billy Jones

Great motorcycling today!

Fred Gregory

Baby, it's cold outside... in Alaska ..-80 F.. but the NWS appears to be in denial and/or cooking the books

Let's say that is cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey.


Winter? Fah! I'll take this year round. Especially in August.


It's August I worry about with temps like these in January.
But hey, I was trying to find an excuse not to plant anything this year anyway.


>3000 hi temp records in January versus 154 low temp records (prelim)

Ed Cone

I really meant for this post to be about the lovely weather, not about the politics of climate science, but as long as people are talking about that angle...

News of the great climate hoax has not reached North Carolina flora: "The temperature difference over the past two decades has caused a marked shift in this state's winter-hardiness planting zones, the weather bands on a map that indicate where plants will grow."

Are plants socialists, or just dupes?


The dupes are those who believe anything useful can be gleamed from studying climate science over a period of 20 years. One may just as well study the evolution of the household cat over the past 20 years.

Andrew Brod

The real dupes are those who believe climate scientists are studying the climate over a period of only 20 years.

Ed Cone

Plants think in seasons, not years. That could be where the confusion arises.

Billy Jones

Froggy, "One may just as well study the evolution of the household cat over the past 20 years."

I thought conservatives didn't believe in evolution.

I thought conservatives didn't believe in evolution.

You don't know thy enemy.

Fred Gregory

Memo to you group think MMGW dupes.

No Need to Panic About Global Warming
There's no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to 'decarbonize' the world's economy..

"If elected officials feel compelled to "do something" about climate, we recommend supporting the excellent scientists who are increasing our understanding of climate with well-designed instruments on satellites, in the oceans and on land, and in the analysis of observational data. The better we understand climate, the better we can cope with its ever-changing nature, which has complicated human life throughout history. However, much of the huge private and government investment in climate is badly in need of critical review.

Every candidate should support rational measures to protect and improve our environment, but it makes no sense at all to back expensive programs that divert resources from real needs and are based on alarming but untenable claims of "incontrovertible" evidence"

*Editor's Note: The following has been signed by the 16 scientists listed at the end of the article:


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