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Jan 12, 2012


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Ernie McCracken

"More terrible news for Greensboro."

Agreed. I liked that area far more when it looked like post-blitz Coventry. Besides, I'm 100% certain that an Oliver Warbucks/Alfred Pennypacker-type would've eventually bought that land and fixed it up himself. I mean, that's the way things always work out. It may take them several hundred years, but they'll eventually get around to it, saving the taxpayers hard earned dollars.


Speaking of good news (sorry couldnt resist).... Also on Lee Street

850+ swimmers registered at GSA January Jump Start meet this weekend at GAC. Four days, 6 sessions, both pools (at times). GSA to host 600-900 swimmers in February, March and June as well plus 400 or so in July. And that is just GSA far more meets scheduled.

North Davidson HS hosted a multi team high school meet. A few diving and swimming (AAU and collegiate)teams actually traveled from out of town and out of state to GAC for "Christmas Trainig" sessions. Now, even I didnt see that one coming!

Regularly see swim practices and diving practices (HS and Club), kayak lessons, water polo, swim lessons, water aerobics, lap swimming, there is a work out room that s reportedly well used, etc. Going as well as possible I think. All kinds of logistical lessons to be learned this weekend.

Oh yeah, Monster Trucks and MLK Day Classic Bball at White Elephant on LEE!


What will truly be horrible is me having to get on my bike and riding past the new neighborhood destroying campus of UNCG to the new Trader Joe's at S.Elm and Lee on the hideous Greenway. Really wish people in this City would do something good for once.

Mick - good news on the GAC, but I must say the irregularity of those sand blasted "wave" lines on the outside of the building drive me crazy...how hard could it be to make sure the wavelines are smooth?

Jim Gerken

Our first visit at the GAC during Christmas.WOW! A real beaut..
Our daughter (swim coach at MIT) in town for the holidays recognized the coach in the diving area from UMASS. That got our
attention as to the distance teams will travel to practice in
Olympic Class swim facilities.. Deep diving
facilities are to find in the Winter.

This is a winner..


"This is a winner.."

Let's see what the numbers actually tell us over the next few years, assuming we can rely upon transparency, and none of the smoke and mirrors we're used to seeing locally when it involves Other People's Money.


851 this weekend.
600-800 in Feb (4 days)
700-900 in March (4 days)
600-800 in June (3 days)
300-500 in July (4 days)

This is just hosted meets by one club. There are numerous other events. Some local but also including Masters Nationals, Y Nationals, Diving Nationals, ACC Champs 3 of the next 4 years, ODAC Champs, Big South was turned away this year. There is demand.

Still need more rec users though the pool is busy most evenings with folks I assume to be local. We have a good start but a long way to go.

As has been said many MANY times... if these facilities actually made money as a business they wouldnt be quite so rare and vastly owned and operated by municipalities and universities. However, there is more value here than dollars and cents. Even saying that, a continued and concentrated effort to minimize the red ink is neccessary.

Billy Jones

And who pays for the water and sewer expansion?

Ernie McCracken

"Let's see what the numbers actually tell us over the next few years, assuming we can rely upon transparency, and none of the smoke and mirrors we're used to seeing locally when it involves Other People's Money."

Agreed. Melderec con Simkins, Skip Alston, machine politics, Zack Matheny, status quo, conspiracy, Robbie Perkins, gay sociopolitical agenda, freedom, etc. It reeks of all that stuff. Good point, bubba.


i wonder if bubba has actually broken down how much of his hard earned money actually went to this facility.

$12M came from a previously approved parks and rec bond and $7M came from the city's hotel tax, which was endorsed by the city's hotel operators.

methinks he doth protest too much.


Once again a hotel is envisioned for this site (much smaller and less luxurious as it should be for this particular site). I like what I see in this plan and I'm even more hopeful that Bob Isner is involved. He certainly has a track record. All you have to do is look a few blocks over at Southside.

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