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Jan 15, 2012


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Ahhh, good example of the 'hindrance' aspect of religion:

Religion is like training wheels for bicycles. The training wheels are useful for learning fundamentals. Past that point they become a hindrance to further learning.


I've never really understood why some people, of whatever faith, see someone else's behavior as a threat to their thinking, which is, after all, what faith and a belief system are: A way of thinking.

If you believe you should not do X, how have you affronted God if someone else does X?

We have, happily, reasonably universal acceptance of the common secular beliefs that make for a free and stable society. People who hold to extreme beliefs that are not part of that common acceptance should be happy they live in a free society.

Andrew Brod

Years ago, my father pithily explained to me the fundamentals of church and state as follows: You can believe all you want that virgins must be sacrificed to appease the gods, but that's as far as you get to take it.

  Bill Yaner

Plus it just got so darned difficult to find virgins.

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