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Jan 24, 2012


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What's the saying, those that give up liberty for security deserve neither.


"Safety comes first," said one elected moron.

Now, it doesn't. If it did, we would all be implanted with locator chips and recording devices. Now that would be safe! Too far? Of course, and that's the point. There are boundaries, choices between safety and liberty and liberties protections are defined in the United States Constitution. Safety first is not any kind of thoughtful answer to expanded police powers; not in the American I know and love.


Hmmm. Tales of Hoffmann. I mean, **Smells** of Hoffman. Julius Hoffman, that is.

Billy Jones

Roch, "...we would all be implanted with locator chips and recording devices."

Don't worry, it's in the works. Bush called it a bio ID card. Obama has continues Bush Era policies. And the bastards will probably make us pay taxes on our chips and furnish our own batteries.


I microchip my dogs. If I were having tiny human ones now, I might give serious consideration to microchipping them as well. Yeah, yeah, depends on who owns the data and how secure I think it is, but this world is very strange and I don't dismiss the idea out of hand. (Kid must be able to remove it when s/he comes of age.) But I'd think about it.


I nominate the above for a 2012 Guarino, Greensboro's new annual awards for the most idiotic thing posted to a blog.


I thought idiocy was my province.

Billy Jones

polifrog, "I thought idiocy was my province."

You've been invaded. Get over it.

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