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Jan 25, 2012


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Billy Jones

"John, I think the Carolina is smaller than the type of building under consideration, and could remain relevant in a downtown arts scene that includes a new facility."

Code for the people behind this project could care less about the Carolina or Greensboro as a whole, as long as the value of their downtown real estate investments continue to rise.


I don't know how to speak in code, so I'll just say this: Building one does not exclude the existence of the other. What if...eeeeek...their programming complements one or the other. A variety of venues - from clubs to Coliseums, with the PAC somewhere in the middle are needed for a healthy, robust city that cherishes access to the arts. So, a PAC would be an important piece of the puzzle.

Ed Cone

Plain English, no code, simply my understanding of the different sizes and uses of two different buildings.

Billy Jones

Saw that coming.

Come on Ed, let's be real here. We all know this idea to build a performing arts center was not invented by the city council-- at least not in their official capacity as sitting council members. This idea is the brain child of developers, realtors and contractors whose businesses deliberately depend on public dollars. Therefore, they could care less how the Carolina fits into their plans.

Reality, these business persons (who?) were drawing up plans and putting together proposals long before they approached Council and therefore the Carolina and the rest of the city are not on their radar.

Brian, reality.

If PAC supporters really car about Greensboro as a whole then the PAC will not be placed downtown but will be placed in a place where it and the businesses that surround it can expand without encroaching on historic properties. Nor will it displace people who don't already want to go. And there is no place downtown where that can be done.

I've found the perfect spot in East Greensboro but other communities are welcome to do the same.

Big picture, practicalities, room to grow, long term thinking, lower cost to taxpayers, stimulus for the entire city and not just downtown are all a part of my vision. A downtown PAC won't be able to do all any of those things.

Ed Cone

You're right, Billy, it's all a plot by mustache-twirling villains to steal the widow's farm.

And if it wasn't for you, they would have gotten away with it!

Billy Jones

Ed, "You're right, Billy, it's all a plot by mustache-twirling villains to steal the widow's farm."

Good one! Ever think of becoming a novelist? ;-)


congestion, street closings that could last for years hurting downtown businesses... My idea wouldn't have any of those problems.

I believe you are incorrect - I cannot see a single downtown business being against this as it will bring customers, $$, publicity. (Many already like teh FB page) In fact, most medium/ large cities with downtown PACs have specials - "pre-theater menu, cocktails", "after-show dessert" and so on. Matinee shows can give people a chance to see our downtown and its shops and historical buildings. There is something to LOOK at downtown. People can make an entire evening or afternoon of it. One cannot do this in any other area of the city. Theater goers are not going to go to East Greensboro and make a "destination" out of it. As for street closings - why on earth woould that be necessary? There are 3 major FREE evening & weekend parking garages to handle the patrons. Not even Durham or Charlotte can boast that!
As for sewer - there are plenty of people living and working downtown and using the sewer system. A few hundred extra flushes of the toilets on show nights will not require the building of the Roman Aqueducts.
I do not believe this is political - but if you look at it purely from an economical and historical (looking at other cities) standpoint, people will make the trip downtown to a PAC and spend $$$. Many cities have had downtown PAC's become a destination.

Billy Jones

The street closings will be during the construction period. That, and when the trucks carrying the shows get stuck under those downtown railroad bridges on 3 sides of the chosen site.

Everything else is covered here

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