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Jan 24, 2012


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Ernie McCracken

Perhaps the Dook students, unlike the residents of our fair city, have grown tired of ye olde corrupt "machine politics" and the Melderec con Simkins/Roy Carroll/Skip Alston crowd. After all, our most beloved Mayor Perkins is a graduate of Dook and active supporter of the basketball team and athletic program. The residents of this city - East Greensboro, in particular - could stand to learn a lesson from the Dookies in rejecting the ways of the corrupt Melderec crowd.

  Bill Yaner

Dear Ernie McCracken,




Ernie McCracken

Bill, www.guarino.typepad.com. Read that. Mind = Blown.


Interesting that they note it is a national trend. I've noticed a lot of empty seats at some of the TV games.

Not so at GDS vs HPC last night. Awesome high school game.

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