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Jan 27, 2012


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have heard along the same lines elsewhere.

Jim Langer

Did you read Larry Summers in the Times last week, Ed?


I so so so so want to comment here. MUST....NOT....DO ....IT... after all, I may get tired of my current job & decide to go back and teach there. But 11 years was enough for now.

Jim Langer

I just found your earlier post, Ed. I'll comment there.


I just read the Glassdoor reviews (thank you for the link) on HPU by former professors & employees. Shocking.


I guess this could be seen as a problem or a boon, depending on your point of view...


Ernie McCracken

axelskater, you never taught at HPU. I know who you are, and you've never been employed by the university in that capacity.

Ernie McCracken

lol, nevermind. you were an adjunct, that's hardly a full time job. you've caused problems at a lot of private institutions in the Triad.


Yes - I taught about 3 or 4 classes every semester from 98 - 09. It was a fun job. I have no idea who you are though.

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