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Jan 31, 2012


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David Hoggard

Agreed. On all counts and suspicions.

Just smells bad.

Billy Jones

Ant plan to build a PAC that doesn't consider an East Greensboro Performing Arts Center is selling the entire city short. All of Greensboro's neighborhoods should be in the running for these sorts of projects. Even Ed Cone's neighborhood should be considered.

Billy Jones

Any, any, any.....


"Any, any, any....."

I liked Ant better. Let the insects fund the thing.

Billy Jones

Bubba, you shouldn't compare our "downtown boosters" to insects. The insects are much better citizens.

Robbie Perkins

Lot's of folks are working hard to put together a plan to evaluate the cost and potential of a downtown PAC. Council gave staff clear direction, so let's see what the facts are before we come up with ways it can't happen. The support for the effort is strong and I believe we have a real chance of success this time. Stay tuned.


Allen Johnson's Sunday editorial was dead on. Naively, I had high hopes for the new council, but so far, they appear to be just as unable to resist their political ambitions as the previous council. An inability to govern effectively may not be a partisan trait, but common to all our elected officials. Let them beware that we can turn our ire against them quite easily. Just as we have lost faith in our national leaders from either party, so can we sour on this new council.

If the Perkinettes are 21st Century politicians, rather than just another bunch of anachronistic despots, it is time they begin to show it. The opposition is already digging up old ghosts to match their return to business as usual. It may well be that Perkins is not the pragmatic politician some of us hoped, but rather a plodding ideologue to be countered and cast aside at the first opportunity.

At this point, my hopes are with the new members of council, who hopefully have yet to be poisoned.


Aw shucks, Goober, would they try to put one over on us like that?

99 Blocks has a similar take.

Billy Jones

Robbie Perkins wrote: "Lot's of folks are working hard to put together a plan to evaluate the cost and potential of a downtown PAC."

Isn't that putting the cart before the horse? Shouldn't those things have been figured out before you brought the matter to Council and shouldn't other communities also be considered as possible sites, Mayor Perkins?

What, you didn't get my e-mail?


I believe Mr. Perkins should recuse himself

As well as the Interim Manager.


I still think we should take our time on this and not rush to get this on the November ballot. If we show a little patience, just maybe most of this facility, or maybe all of it can be paid for with private funds. I recommend using New Bridge Bank Park as a model in how to get this performing arts center built. I just don't think there has to be an alternative location to downtown. It doesn't have to be built at the coliseum. If we have to close War Memorial down for a few years, which I doubt would happen, then so be it. Personally I think threatening to shut it down is a scare tactic in getting people to vote for this. Lets get this thing right instead of rushing and settling for building it at the coliseum. Once its built at the coliseum, we are going to be stuck with it there for decades to come. Meanwhile it won't be as competitive with other modern facilities located in the downtowns of other cities. Another plus for having this downtown is that parking will be free in the parking decks after hours. You have to pay for parking at the coliseum.


Oh yeah, If this thing gets built, I hope the architecture will be very interesting instead of the usual dull buildings going up all over the city. I want to see something that can become an architectural landmark in the city. And please no more fake retro brick buildings! The PAC should be sleek, ultra modern and cosmopolitan with a lot of steel and glass. This is why we shouldn't rush this. Be patient and maybe we can really build something unique in North Carolina.

Tony Wilkins

Robbie Perkins, Nancy Vaughan, sometimes Zack Matheny, and Trudy Wade communicating on blogs.

I like it.

Billy Jones

And why the mad dash to subsidize a project that has yet to be built?

Eric Robert

Amen on raising the bar on the overall aesthetics and architecture...no matter where this thing ends up.


Interesting perspective from Kansas City

Our metropolitan area is a half million less than theirs. They have one downtown. We also Have W-S and High Point, but interesting from the standpoint of architecture, cost. Would love to see this in a comparative analysis with others already mentioned by the "Committee".

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