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Jan 25, 2012


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Did you miss his specific NC example?


Sorry. No one knows where the Piedmont is, either.

Most jobs around Raleigh are rather new. Jobs elsewhere are gonna hafta be new, too, 'cause the old ones aren't coming back.


Obama did mention the Piedmont in citing Piedmont Central Community College.


Roch, your comment is the first I've ever heard of that school. Central Piedmont Community College is in Charlotte. News to me.

  Bill Yaner

When President Obama asked Steve Jobs last year what we needed to do to get iPhones made in the U.S. instead of China, the frank answer he received was, "Those jobs are not coming back to America." And wages was only one of several components of what has made us uncompetitive in the global manufacturing market structurally.

Same can be said for textile, furniture, or electronics assembly in RTP - those middle class wage earning jobs are gone forever.

Now as soon as Democrats can stop preaching to us that taxing the rich will set things right, and Republicans refrain from assuring us that all we need is more capitalism, THEN we can start having a real dialogue on adjusting our country to the new global market economy in ways where we can once again compete.

Can someone help me off this high horse?


I am in plastics and we are starting to see an interest in product being made in the USA again due to the long lead-times and the problems with quality that are slow to be answered and even slower to be managed.

David Wharton

Excellent use of the ironic exclamation point, Ed.


Actually I had never heard of Greensboro or the Piedmont until I moved here 14 years ago.

Ed Cone

DW: Thanks!

Piedmont is a term denoting a region near mountains. Ours is not the only one, and people in Italy, where the word originated, seemed amused when I said we used it here. But I'm pretty sure that if Obama had referred to reviving manufacturing in the North Carolina Piedmont, people would have grasped that there was a place in NC where we used to make stuff.

Fred Gregory

Ah Barry we hardly knew ya..

Obama touts NC Co. and SOLYNDRA in 2010 SOTU speech

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