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Jan 30, 2012


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You just got me through February. Thanks!


I lived in Goldsboro at the time, but was too young to be aware of such goings on. By the time I was in the second grade I knew, because of the proximity of Seymour Johnson AFB, we would be vaporized when the nukes started flying. Cheery thoughts for an eight year old kid.

Doctor Strangelove

Tales my father told me: The night they nuked North Carolina.* Ed

Heck! In 1954, A B-47 lost or dropped a Nuke in the Ocean right next to Savannah Georgia and the Men in Black have never found it to this day..This might explain why Savannah lites up with wacky Georgia Republicans like Newt Gringrich at times

Doctor Strangelove

Make that two Republicans, I forgot Herman Cain..


Interesting factoid. Thanks for passing it on.

In '61 I was 8 yo likely in Tacoma Washington. My father's employer was SDC (of RAND, then) and I still vividly remember being in the car when we dropped dad off at work in the 'tall cement building with no widows' which housed the SAGE system.

Due to dad's job I've never lived anywhere that wasn't a high priority target. The only difference was dad's employment locations raised higher in priority - dad eventually became a civil servant at SAC headquarters when I was in high school.

As I kid I distinctly remember the 'duck and cover' drills of climbing under my desk in case of nuclear detonation in the schools I attended. I have often wondered if my schools were the norm for that time or not, as a result of the proximity to the SAGE systems.

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