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Jan 23, 2012


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Every time a coach retires, the desk on the pregame show gets longer.


At least the playoffs make marginally more sense the the primaries. If we were serious about this kind of thing, we'd take the primaries out of the hands of the parties and the states and run some kind of national primary. We won't do that because it would inhibit the freedom of the parties to be as jerky as they want. So, we'll continue letting a few people in odd little places like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have a lot more clout than they deserve.

  Bill Yaner

ESPN's "Mike and Mike" blather has always worked for me getting dressed in the morning. There's nothing dealing with the primaries that comes close.

For example, when that sub receiver caught Klecko's pass in the end zone with 23 seconds left, he should have collapsed to the ground immediately instead of keeping himself and the ball high. Big mental error.

I learned something.

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