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Jan 27, 2012


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Come taste some great Chili in good company and made with good local ingredients......


Oh, if I could have just cracked myself out of bed earlier... why can't they do things later in the day!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't coincide with my sleep patterns.


and the winner is Lamb Chili made by Cecelia Thompson of Mod Meals of Mendenhall and Garland McCollum of Massey Creek Farm.

What a great event. We raised over $850 for market improvements.

David Craft
Greensboro Farmers Market, Inc.


Roch - In conversation with a member of the current Council.




Roch, I'm assuming you got that was a response meant for the Trader Joe's story and not the farmer's market...not sure how it ended up here.


LOL, Brian I hadn't even noticed that we jumped threads.


I wondered.........

No controversy over Chili and current Council knows how to cook it!

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